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Continuous enrollment, 110 hours of self-paced online theory and 43 hours of one-on-one clinical training!

Foot Care

Why Become a Foot Care Nurse?

Foot health care professional

Although most people are born with healthy feet, as we grow older, three out of four Canadians will develop a foot problem that requires medical attention

Develop your skills to become part of a growing field  

Open the door to new, flexible career opportunities

Find a new approach to connecting with clients and working within your community


Discover, Learn and Become a Foot Care Nurse

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Part 1 – Foot Care Nurse Theory  

The Foot Care Nurse (FCN) Theory course is delivered fully online and is designed for nurses who are new to foot care and for experienced nurses who wish to update their knowledge and skills. The curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice, including the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017).

Students will be provided with a number of training resources including comprehensive reading material, online multiple-choice quizzes and pre-recorded slide presentations. Each student will also have access to one-on-one mentoring from an experienced instructor to ensure that they are receiving the maximum benefit from the course material. 

Students are expected to provide their own personal computer to complete the course.  

FCN Theory completion time = 110 hours (self-paced) 

Registrants who are new to foot care must also complete the Foot Care Nurse Clinical training prior to practicing as a Foot Care Nurse.

Applicants must start the FCN Clinical course within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from the FCN Theory course.

Advanced foot care nurse course

Part 2 – Foot Care Nurse Clinical 

The Foot Care Nurse Clinical Course is delivered in-person over 5 days and is open to nurses who have successfully completed the online FCN Theory course. This clinical training and mentorship are designed to provide nurses with the opportunity to practice and develop their skills in a ‘real world’ setting under the guidance and supervision of a  Foot Care Nurse Educator.  

The curriculum for FCN Clinical was developed by Foot Canada Training and is taught by a Licensed Education Provider.  

FCN Clinical completion time – 43 hours  (5 days)


FCN Clinical Lesson Plan

Advanced Skills Lab
22 Hours

This portion of the course will be taught online via live virtual sessions or in a foot care clinical setting and will cover all advanced nursing foot care skills required to complete the Foot Care Clinical course. This will include risk assessments, development of individualized treatment plans, use of implements, charting, referrals, and health education. Students will work with volunteer clients and will be provided with step-by-step guidance that will enable them to develop their practical skills.  

3 Hours

Students will have the opportunity to observe their Foot Care Clinical Educator during a minimum of  2 nursing foot care appointments. These mentorship hours will introduce students to the clinical foot care setting and help them understand the full scope of their responsibilities.  

Clinical Skills Practicum
18 Hours

This portion of the course is offered in a clinical care setting and provides students with direct experience working with several volunteer clients. The opportunity to work with a range of clients helps students to further develop the skills and confidence necessary to provide quality foot care. 


What Our Students Say

Kaarina is a great instructor – very knowledgeable! It’s obvious that she wants us to be GREAT in this field!

Nancy from Vancouver, BC

Kaarina is terrific – approachable, knowledgeable and used our short time together extremely effectively

Shannon from Kelowna, BC

Kaarina is such an amazing teacher. I’m super satisfied with her method of teaching us all these new skills. Thank you so much!

Kuljinder from Oliver, BC

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